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Anonymous gift giver surprises local students

Posted at 12:14 PM, Dec 15, 2016

An anonymous person has taken the role of one high school's secret Santa. 

Seniors at Palo Verde High School can send in their requests to a Twitter account called Palo Santa Clause, and their gift will show up on their desk.  

The secret Santa has gifted shoes, video games, and makeup to the high school seniors.  

"My brother is a senior and he got a tshirt from him," says one student, Ben Francis. 

According to his Twitter profile, the Palo Santa says he is not run by school clubs, organizations, teachers or administrators.

Nobody at Palo Verde High School seems to know who he is, and the secret Santa wants to keep it that way for now.

He tells 13 Action news the holidays have recently been hard for him. 

"Two years ago tomorrow is the anniversary of my sister's death," says the anonymous gift giver. 

He says he found himself losing that Christmas spirit, so that's why he is trying to spread some Christmas cheer. 

"I think it's pretty crazy," says one student, Kade Hale-Osborn.  "That's a nice guy to be going around granting wishes on Twitter." 

The Palo Santa says he plans to continue to shop and deliver through the first week of January.