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Aliens, UFO greet visitors at Clark County Shooting Complex

Part of Centered Art Project
Posted at 6:46 PM, May 18, 2017

An orange UFO and two friendly looking aliens now welcome visitors to the Clark County Shooting Complex.

Artist Jesse Carson Smigel finished installing the aliens Thursday at the shooting complex, the last piece of his work for the Centered Art Project. The public art project takes empty road islands throughout Clark County and adds art. 10 local artists were selected for the project.

Smigel's project is called "I Told You Not to Paint it Hot Orange." The story has the orange UFO "crashing" into the shooting complex in search of a safe landing.

For the Clark County Shooting Complex, it also holds a special significance because of a section nicknamed Area 51. The UFO resembles a clay target in which many shooters are familiar.

"It was just perfect to have a clay target and to add something more to it, the aliens for Area 51," said Betty-jane Kuhlendahl, Clark County public services specialist.

Now originally the plan was to have a cowboy greet guests to the shooting range, but Kuhlendahl noted that the complex is more than just about shooting and the Wild West.

The clay target or UFO has been in place for almost a year and Kuhlendahl is happy to see the project completed, especially ahead of a large shooting event in July involving hundreds of kids from around the country.