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A day with Officer Boris

How police dogs take down the bad guys
Posted at 4:06 PM, Mar 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-30 14:36:59-04

Boris never stops moving when he gets into a police car. Pacing back and forth inside his high-tech kennel, the North Las Vegas K9 Officer is eager to catch the bad guys.

"He's always like this," said Officer Adam Rosenthal with a grin. He's been partners with the dog for about a year and a half.

Boris is a Shepard from the Netherlands who specializes in locating objects and catching criminals. He's smaller than his German counterparts but far more agile.

"When he's in search mode, he can differentiate between who's part of the pack and who isn't," Rosenthal explained. Boris can sniff out apocrine, which is an odor given off by humans when they're stressed. Combined with his super agility, he can find a criminal often within a matter of seconds.

But it takes more than genetics to be an effective officer.

"A lot of dogs look really mean and have a really loud bark," said Rosenthal. "But when it comes time to engage a suspect, they don't have the confidence to do it."

Luckily Boris has had plenty of training. After making his way to the United States, he was hand-picked by the NLVPD K9 Unit for his tenacity in the face of danger.

"Boris is definitely one of those dogs that won't give up until it's over," Rosenthal said while nodding towards his partner still pacing in the back of the car.

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