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Celebrate National French Fry Day with these 13 Fantastic Fries in Las Vegas

Posted at 9:00 PM, Jul 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-13 10:29:37-04

Once again, we asked our Facebook friends for their suggestions for the yummiest French fries in Las Vegas for National French Fry Day on July 13. Of course, we received many more than the ones below but we like the number 13.

1. Truffles n Bacon Cafe offers two very special versions of French fries -- Pigpen Fries and Spam Fries. Pigpen Fries are topped with chorizo, sautéed steak, cheese sauce with sriracha mayo and sour cream drizzle, sprinkled with chicharon. The Spam Fries are katsu-style deep fried Spam Strips paired with Sriracha ranch.

2. The Fat Man Fries and waffle fries have proven to be popular at the new Atomic Kitchen in Downtown Las Vegas. The Fat Man Fries is mix of regular and waffle fries with  chili, hot dogs, bacon, onion and peppers, all topped off with tableside adobe cheddar sauce service. The waffle fries are flour-coated before frying to retain crispness and then double-seasoned with a special seasoning.

3. The Pizza Guy Fries at Metro Pizza have a lot of fans. The thick-cut fries are tossed with garlic butter, Romano cheese, Italian spices and "cup 'n' char" pepperoni. They are topped with shaved Romano cheese. Best of all, there are multiple Metro Pizza locations where you can get your fix of Pizza Guy Fries.

4. Lobster ME inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood and the Grand Canal Shoppes in The Venetian recently introduced Loaded Cheese Crab Fries made with crisp French fries then topped with their housemade lobster cheese sauce, bacon, ranch dressing, crab and scallions. We know we are eager to try them!

5. Farm Basket on West Charleston says that their fries may look simple but they are very crispy and probably the best fries you will ever have. Steve, the owner, has been perfecting the seasoning for the fries for 40 years. Apparently, it is not idle bragging since several of our Facebook friends recommended Farm Basket when we asked where to find the best fries in Las Vegas. Farm Basket got more shout-outs than any other restaurant during our informal poll.

6. Barbara Hoersch highly recommends the Athens Fries at Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe & Lounge. The award-winning seasoned fries are accompanied by a delicious dipping sauce. Without the sauce, they are gluten free and vegan.

7. People are willing to drive across the valley for the good food at SkinnyFATS, including their potato fries tossed with truffle, parmesan cheese and parsley. If you want to kick them up yet another notch, try them with the unique SkinnyFATS  'Catchups' that come in three flavors: 'Jalatcha,' 'Unipeppercorn' and 'Chillpotle.'

8. The best-selling fries at Fukuburger are the Jazz Fries. They are named after original Fukuburger employee/ cashier, Jasmin Lim. She started adding the Thai Chili Mayo aka "crack sauce" and the brown gravy from another dish for her employee meal. From there she started recommending them to guests and the rest is history.

9. It's all about the Skirt Steak Poutine Fries and Anchor Fries at Born and Raised in Henderson. Melted mozzarella and red wine brown gravy are highlights of the poutine fries and the Anchor Fries are covered with cheddar-jack cheese, Buffalo hot sauce and creamy bleu cheese dressing. 

10. Fans of crinkle cut fries love the ones covered with cheese at Shake Shack. You can also order the crispy French fries without cheese, of course. Either way, you'll love them. And, now you an also get them in Henderson since they just opened their first location there. 

11. The carne asada fries at Apache Taco Shop in Summerlin are a favorite of Facebook friend Ahmad Khaled Raouf. Judging from the reviews on Yelp, the small restaurant is definitely a favorite of people who live in the area. Their salsa is described as "really flavorful" and several people wrote raving reviews about their tacos, especially the fish tacos. Thanks to Yelper Bladimir Bernal for the photo.

12. Martha Carter is a fan of the garlic herbed fries with parmesan cheese at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews. The restaurant also offers sweet potato fries and seasoned steak fries. Best of all, you can eat all you want for the same price.

13. The fries from the Can't Dutch This food truck are inspired by those found in the European "lowlands" of Belgium and Holland. The fries are hand cut, fried twice to make them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and topped with the customer's choice of one (or more) of their hand-crafted sauces. The fries are served in a paper cone with a mini fork like they are in Europe. Check their Facebook page to find out where you can find them each week.