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13 Reasons Hockey Is The Greatest Sport Ever

Posted at 12:24 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 10:10:54-05

1. It's played on a giant sheet of ice

All other major sports are played on non-slippery surfaces (unless it happens to be snowing or raining during an outdoor game). Playing a fast-paced game wearing a pair of shoes with a single blade on a giant sheet of very slippery ice can result in some rather spectacular (and hilarious) falls by even the best players.

Bonus: Hockey arenas are nice and cool. Something we appreciate in the desert.

2. Hockey is a team sport

Sure, there are some hockey players that are considered "stars." However, hockey is generally considered more of a team sport. It is nearly impossible for one player to win the game for the team. The team must work together if they want to be victorious.

3. Constant action

Hockey is very fast paced. Something is always happening. Unlike many other sports that stop the action numerous times throughout the game for a variety of reasons, unless a player commits a penalty or a goal is scored, there is continuous, non-stop playing.

4. Hockey players are tough

Hockey players get hurt on a regular basis and it doesn't stop them. In March of 2014, Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverly collapsed during the first period against the Columbus Blue Jackets. He was rushed to a nearby hospital. After he regained consciousness, he reportedly asked doctors if he could go back and play.

And, of course, we've all seen the pics of hockey players who have lost a number of teeth.

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5. The sport has its own language

If you don't know what a "beauty" or a "bender" or a "duster" is, you might want to brush up on hockey language before the first NHL game in Las Vegas. Click here for the ultimate hockey dictionary.

6. Traditions and superstitions

There is no other sport that has as many traditions and superstitions as hockey. Playoff beards and eating the same exact meal before every game are two of the most common. Other ones are a bit stranger. For example, Glen Hall of the Chicago Blackhawks used to vomit before every game. Hall of Famer Patrick Roy would apparently have long conversations with goal posts and would not skate over any line on the ice and hockey great Wayne Gretzky refused to get his hair cut when the team was on the road (he did once and the team lost).

The tradition of throwing an octopus on the ice at a Detroit Red Wings game is probably one of the best known. Watch below to find out how that began tradition began 50 years ago.

7. Hockey players don't get into much trouble

It is not uncommon to hear about athletes being arrested for drunk driving, taking drugs or slapping around their girlfriends and/or wives. Hoever, except for fights on the ice (more on that in a bit), hockey players rarely seem to get in trouble.

In 2014, 3.8 percent of NBA athletes committed a serious crime versus a little under 3 percent for football players and barely 1 percent of hockey players.

8. Hockey fans are passionate and dedicated

It is true that every sport has fans who love their team. But, hockey fans seem to take it to another level with their elaborate costumes and willingness to drive hours to see their team play. Hockey also has some of the funniest fan moments.

9. The fights

Hockey fights are legendary. And, no matter how out of control it gets, the players involved very rarely receive more than a 5-minute penalty. Check out this compilation of the best fights from 2016 below.

10. Hockey players are good guys

Not only do hockey players generally stay out of legal trouble, they are also known for their kindness. Hockey players love their fans, especially children. In 2014, the Boston Bruins dressed up as characters from the movie "Frozen" and visited Boston Children's Hospital. In fact, it was part of their ANNUAL visit to the hospital.

It's not always a team effort though that was planned and publicized.

Earlier this year, Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Scott Darling did something unexpected that touched the hearts of many.

Apparently, he met a man on the streets who was going through a rough time. Darling took the man to a hotel and paid for his stay for an entire month. He even bought the man some groceries. His act of kindness didn't come to light until an Uber driver (who drove Darling and the homeless man) told another passenger about the incident.

11. They know how to celly

Hockey players know how to celly (you will know what that means if you checked out the dictionary mentioned earlier. Check out this video of what has been called one of the greatest cellys of all time.

12. Hockey players also know how to have fun off the ice

Hockey teams often make hysterical videos promoting everything from upcoming holidays to voting in the NHL All-Star game. And, of course, they are up for the latest social media challenges. Check out the #mannequinchallenge by the Surrey Eagles.



Or, here is a compilation.

13. Long seasons

Regular hockey seasons lasts from October to April, and playoffs don't end until June. That's a whole lot of games (82 in the regular season). Not only that, tickets are generally cheap in comparison to professional football and basketball. Tickets for games in Las Vegas are expected to range from $20 to $40 per game for the cheapest tickets. The most expensive tickets (regular games, of course) will be in the $150 to $220 price range.

Average tickets prices in 2016 for other major professional sports were $93 for football, $55 for basketball and $31 for baseball.