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13 Places To Get Inked on Friday the 13th

Posted at 2:08 PM, Nov 12, 2015
and last updated 2016-05-13 22:11:57-04

Friday the 13th is almost like Christmas for people who love tattoos. Many tattoo shops around Las Vegas will be offering specially-priced tattoos for the day. If you have been itching for new ink, here is a list of 13 shops around town to choose from.

1. ATOMIC CITY TATTOO: Atomic City Tattoo in North Las Vegas will be offering specially-priced tattoos on Friday the 13th. The shop says it will have some "fresh" Friday the 13th flash. Tattooing from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

2. CLASSIC TATTOO: This will be the last Friday the 13th that the tattoo shop will be offering $13 tattoos (plus tip). First come, first served.

3. CROWN ELECTRIC TATTOO: Be prepared for a crowd if you are headed to Crown Electric Tattoo. Tattoos limited to designs offered by shop. $20. Tips also accepted, but not mandatory. First come, first served. Limit one tattoo. Other restrictions apply.

4. KOOLSVILLE TATTOO: Head to Koolsville Tattoos on Friday the 13th for $13 tattoos (plus tip). They will start tattooing at 11 a.m.

5. LAST CHANCE TATTOO: Last Chance is offering $13 tattoos and $20 basic piercings for Friday the 13th. Selected sets of flash to choose from. Arms and legs only. First come, first served.

6. MASTERMIND TATTOO: Mastermind Tattoo will have multiple sheets for Friday the 13th tattoos that were drawn by shop artists. Cost is $13 plus $7 tip. First come, first served.

7. NAKED CITY INK: Naked City Ink on Commerce Street will be offering $13 tattoos (plus tip).

8. PRECIOUS SLUT TATTOO: Precious Slut on East Charleston will start tattooing at noon. $13 plus $7 tip. First come, first served.

9. REVOLT TATTOOS: Revolt Tattoos won't be offering $13 tattoos, but Eric Bush will be doing palm-sized tattoos for $130. First come, first served.

10. REVOLUTION TATTOO PARLOR: Revolution Tattoo Parlor will offer $20 tattoos ($13 plus $7 tip) for 24 hours. Customizations and upgrades available. First come, first served.

11. SHIP & ANCHOR TATTOO: Ship & Anchor Tattoo inside the Stratosphere will be offering $13 tattoos (plus tip) for Friday the 13th.

12. SKIN FACTORY TATTOO: The Sunset location of Skin factory Tattoo will be offering $20 tattoos ($13 plus $7 tip). Must choose from designs provided. Must have valid ID. Cash only. Other restrictions. First come, first serve. 

13. WOLFPACK TATTOO: Wolfpack Tattoo will begin tattooing at noon and keep going until "whenever." $13 plus $7 tip. Biggest variety and best designs to date, according to their event page. 

Of course, there are several other shops in the valley that will be offering deals on Friday the 13th. Most shops follow same basic rules. Must be 18 and have a valid ID. Must pay in cash. Must not be drunk or high.