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WE'RE OPEN: Clark County libraries offering a wide variety of e-courses

Posted at 9:20 AM, Aug 30, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — If you’re looking to perhaps learn a new skill or a hobby, your local library may be the place to do that for free. The library has always been known as an information warehouse allowing people to access almost anything they’d like to know.

“Access to a library is really important to me because it creates an environment where I can work better and achieve more,” said library patron Grace Lange.

Achieving more is what the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District is hoping for. It’s providing access to thousands of different online courses from many different platforms.

“Now is a good time to kind of skill up or learn a new skill. Develop or re-develop your resume. Learn something new for yourself,” Leo Segura, the acting assistant library operations director for the LVCCLD, said.

This includes courses on auto repair, do-it-yourself art projects, and even learning how to make a short film. The courses can be all done for free with a library card.

“Your library card is the key to the world and we’ve always been the education center for the common person,” Segura said.

The variety of content is attractive to some patrons looking to expand their horizons.

“If I had any spare time, I would love to look into these different programs and activities and just become a more broad well-rounded person,” Lange said.

Library staff advises all patrons to have an open mind on what to learn.

“Don’t limit yourself and be willing to learn or try new things.”

Information on how to take advantage of these courses can be found here.