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Las Vegas restaurants offering pickup with minimal human contact

Offering curbside pickup from comfort of your car
Posted at 12:17 AM, Mar 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-28 03:17:27-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Friday night is a time most Americans look forward to, but these are not normal times. Whether it be date night out or a night out with friends celebrating the start of the weekend, those options are off the table for now. If you were craving a nice meal at a restaurant, the next best option is takeout, and many restaurants in Las Vegas are offering it.

If you decide to utilize the takeout option, Lawry's Prime Rib has a system to minimize human contact. Since the novel coronavirus forced Lawry's to closed down its dining room, staff is now allowing you to pick up your dinner curbside, without leaving the comfort of your car.

"We accept your payment, give you your entrees, we'll go through your order, make sure you have everything correct, place it in your car, and off you go," said Michelle Rizzo, sales and marketing manager at Lawry's.

Under Governor Sisolak's order limiting restaurants to takeout and delivery service only, staff isn't required to take food all the way to a customer's car during curbside pickup. But Rizzo says it's the best way to show people their food is safe and sanitary.

"Social distancing is really on top of everyone's minds. We make sure that we sanitize our hands, use gloves, constantly changing gloves, and washing our hands in between. But we also want our guests to feel comfortable. We don't want them to have to come into our building if they're not comfortable doing that," said Rizzo.

Rooster Boy Cafe in Lakeside Center at Desert Shores has a similar pickup policy.

"People can call us, we put their order together, they pay over the phone, we pack everything, we stick it outside. They get out of the car when it's done and they come to the store and pick up their bag. We've had zero contact and we're trying to keep it as minimal as possible, said Rooster Boy Cafe chef Sonia El-Nawal.

As much as Sonia misses socializing with her customers, she says the safety and health of her customers is most important.

"We're all creatures of socializing. Everybody wants to talk and I love to talk to people, but it's kinda taken a turn of where we were to where we are," said El-Nawal.

But, she wants the community to know you can still enjoy the eclectic cooking at Rooster Boy Cafe. Their new grab and go menu features everything from pastries to pasta, brisket to baked salmon, and six blends of their famous, hand-mixed granola.

"People that don't like granola, love it. It doesn't have any preservatives. It's just delicious," said El-Nawal.

Right now, Rooster Boy Cafe is also operating as a makeshift market inside, selling basic necessities like rice, beans, eggs, milk, and toilet paper.

"It's an easier place for someone to come to us to buy as opposed to going to the supermarket," said El-Nawal.

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