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Las Vegas restaurants & bars going the extra mile to keep people safe during pandemic

Posted at 5:48 PM, Jun 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-28 00:36:44-04

Las Vegas bars, restaurants and retail outlets have been ordered by the governor of Nevada to follow certain guidelines if they wished to reopen during Phase 2. The businesses were told to practice social distancing, limit the number allowed inside their establishments, and to sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.

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There are some places around the valley that are going the extra mile though to make sure its employees and customers are safe. Here is a short list. We will be adding to this as we receive more information.

Jacksons Bar and Grill says that some of the additional steps it has taken is to install plexiglass between its machines, limit its food menu and limit the number of people who prepare that food. It is also making sure to sanitize additional high-touch surfaces, including its jukebox and ATM.

Kitchen Table in Henderson says that it decided to take its time when reopening to make sure they have the safest possible environment for its employees and patrons. Additional protocols and safety measures include newly revamped, shaded patios with refinished tables allowing staff to better sanitize between parties; guests are required to wear masks upon entry; temperature checks for guests and employees; large parties are split into groups of four with strict social distancing thanks to the restaurant’s new layout; one-hour limit for all parties; QR code menus; and disposable condiments. Additionally, the restaurant is offering a limited menu and will continue to offer to-go options as an alternative. Reservations are accepted. Their temporary hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays through Mondays.

La Strega is providing information on some of the extra steps that they are providing. Steps include deep cleaning and sanitizing pre- and post-service; fully sanitized silverware in a sanitary holder given directly to patrons (it is not placed on the table); single-use cups and silverware available upon request; tables and chairs are wiped down with single-use wipes after each guest; sanitizer available for all guests; and all touchpoints in the restaurant are sanitized every 30 minutes.

Lotus of Siam is not only taking the temperatures of its employees, but it is also using thermal scanners on its customers. Other features include QR code menus and touchless pay options. They are enforcing strict social distancing and requiring employees to wear face masks at all times.

McMullan's Irish Pub has implemented safety protocols both back and front of house which have been in place since Phase 1 of opening. They are operating at less than 50% volume and their tables are 6 feet or more apart throughout the pub. All their staff both back of house and front of house are temperature checked each shift and all staff wear masks all the time. They sanitize all touchable surfaces every 30 minutes and log accordingly. Their bathroom check is posted outside of the restrooms and there are hand sanitizers situated in and around the pub and the gaming area. Tables are sanitized in a 2-step approach, including an initial sanitization and then an additional spray sanitizer. Tables and chairs, bar tops, gaming machines are sanitized for each customer. They are using a QR code to allow customers to pull up the menu on their phones and they have one-time paper menus as a back up if customers prefer. They also use packaged condiments. There is new signage at both of our entrances indicating our mandatory mask policy and they have additional masks for customers if needed. Their staff use gloves with almost all the tasks and they change gloves with each new task, wash hands in between and then re-glove. At staff meetings, they observe social distancing and social distancing at all times with our customers.

The Sand Dollar Lounge, which recently opened, has added kick steps so guests can open doors without touching. Additionally, they are limiting the number of their staff and guests and enforcing social distancing. There are signs throughout the bar to remind patrons of what they should or should not do.

Sparrow + Wolfe is making sure all of its tables are 6 feet apart with a maximum of 5 guests per table. Single-use menus are available for all guests or they can use a QR code for a contactless menu. Contactless curbside pickup and takeout are still available and a contactless payment system is also available. Dine-in service is by reservation only, allowing the restaurant to control number of patrons. Masks and gloves required for all staff members and each station and restrooms will be sanitized between guests.

If you would like to submit an item for this list, send a detailed email to joyce.lupiani@ktnv.com.