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Fit Meals 4U and Foodie Fit vow to stay open despite lack of traffic

Online orders steady, foot traffic at a crawl
Posted at 12:10 AM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 07:40:49-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — If you're sick of going to the grocery store and cooking in the kitchen every night, a couple of meal prep options in the Las Vegas valley might provide some relief during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

During the coronavirus quarantine, it's been rare for some small business owners to see customers come into their store in-person.

"The walk-in traffic, to be honest, has just been next to nothing," said Joe Recht, owner of Fit Meals 4U meal prep service in Las Vegas. Right now, Recht's business allows you to buy customizable meals, protein-packed meats in bulk, vegan meals, snacks, and beverages. Plus, he says any order placed before 1pm is guaranteed to be delivered by the next day. Or, you can always pick up your order at the store.

Recht's online orders have held pretty steady, but at least 60% of his business used to physically walk through the doors at his store on Decatur Boulevard between Oakey and Sahara Avenue. Now, Recht says COVID-19 is keeping potential customers at home.

"Walk-in traffic is down 75%-85%. We're used to doing revenues fairly decent. Now, I'm hoping if we do $100 a day in walk-in traffic, that's probably about the average, which is next to nothing," said Recht.

Recht says he hasn't had to lay off any employees yet, but they've all had to take a significant pay cut.

"I'm extremely fortunate with the staff I have. They're extremely understanding and they are taking enormous cuts in pay and they are still sticking it out with me just because of loyalty. I would probably be completely shut down without them," said Recht.

But instead of raising prices on his prepared meals, Recht has rolled out a long list of deals to boost business. Military veterans, first responders, and senior citizens always get a discount with identification. Plus, Recht has several more offers for the general public, including 30% off any order placed in store when you say the code word, COVID-19.

"I'm very much aware of everybody suffering out there, so I'm just trying to do what I can to make it a little bit easier so people don't have to go to the mad places to get groceries," said Recht.

If you'd like to learn more about Fit Meals 4U, click this link.

Foodie Fit, a meal prep competitor in Las Vegas, shares some of the same struggles as Fit Meals 4U. Online sales are fairly steady, but stores are slow and supplies can be hard to come by.

"We've had to take some items off of our menu just to make sure we have a menu. Now, it's coming to cutting hours. We're struggling, but we're pushing through and doing what we can," said Meshelle Korzonek, who manages a Foodie Fit brick and mortar store.

And what Foodie Fit can do is cook, portion, and deliver your meals right to your doorstep, or bring them out to you in your car, curbside.

"Stay home. You don't have to go out there during this pandemic, risking your health. We'll deliver it to you. We provide safety with our employees. They're wearing masks. They're wearing the gloves. They're changing them, if needed. We're doing everything we can to protect, not only our staff, but ourselves and the Las Vegas community as well," said Korzonek.

If you'd like to see Foodie Fit's menu and ordering options, click this link.