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Evel Pie, Hash House A Go Go feeding families, despite temporarily closing

Evil Pie opens pop-up, Hash House donates meals
Posted at 11:25 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-04 02:31:11-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Las Vegas restaurant is still feeding families despite having to close its doors, and a pop-up pizza shop is putting people back to work.

Fans of Evel Pie in Las Vegas are used to ordering pizzas from their downtown shop on Fremont Street, but after closing their doors temporarily, management reached an agreement to set up a pop-up pizza shop inside Ada's normal location at Tivoli Village.

Unlike the daredevil that inspires them, Evel Knievel himself, employees at the Evel Pie pop-up shop, aren't taking any chances when it comes to their customers and COVID-19.

"It will be a full win when we're all past this [coronavirus]. We all know that. But we're going to do the right thing. We're going to stay safe. We're going to stay sanitary," said Corey Horan, the general manager of Evel Pie.

WE'RE OPEN: Las Vegas restaurants open during pandemic

To be specific, every Evel Pie employee at their new pop-up shop is required to wear a makeshift mask and gloves at all times. Plus, they're sanitizing their hands and surfaces in between every order, and practicing strict social distancing by keeping customers out.

"This was a big challenge for our team, but we all embraced it. We had a great time developing these S.O.P.'s (standard operating procedures). So, us as a brand and a company, we believe this is where dining is going to go, so why not be at the forefront of it?" said Horan.

And while it's not quite the same as their own shop, at least employees are making money and still pumping out premium pizzas.

"It's fun. That's all it is, is fun. This is what we live for. We just want to make great pizza. We just want to throw a pizza party. We want people to be happy. We want to take care of our guests, so it's all fun," said Horan.

Evel Pie's pop-up shop is planning to stay open at Tivoli Village for the immediate future. Their tentative hours will be Tuesday-Saturday, from 4 p.m. -8 p.m.

To view Evel Pie's pop-up menu or place an order, click this link.

Unlike Evel Pie, Hash House A Go Go hasn't been able to find a way to stay open. Management just made the tough call to close both its locations temporarily.

"We, unfortunately, had to layoff or furlough almost all of our employees, considering all our restaurants have been closed," said Brannon Rees, director of marketing for Hash House A Go Go.

Even though Hash House A Go Go is now closed, management decided to donate dozens of meals to the families of locals who have been laid off because of the novel coronavirus.

"I really feel the restaurant business, the hotel community; we were struck very hard by this. And I think everybody in Vegas is feeling it. And this is kinda our way of trying to give back," said Rees.

Rees says Hash House A Go Go is planning to donate more meals every Friday, as long as the community still needs food.

"We're looking for Sysco and some other vendors to jump on board. And I plan on doing this every Friday for as long as we get this kind of reception to help feed Las Vegas," said Rees.