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VIDEO: Cat gets head stuck in lamp shade

Posted at 11:19 AM, Apr 12, 2016

A cat that got its head stuck in a lamp shade has gained national attention now that the girls posted the video online.


Adrianna (age 12- youngest Elliott) was making a hair tutorial video with friends (Meredith, 12; Tessa, 7) in October. We did not think anything of the video, as this is typical behavior of our family (and crazy kitty). Adrianna was so distraught that we basically stopped thinking about the video after showing only a few friends. 

Adrianna said, "We are in the living room and I set up my phone on the windowsill and taking a video on how to curl your hair with a headband. Then I asked Meredith "What is kitty doing?" She said "He's by the lamp." So I went back to doing my hair and I heard a crash by the lamp. Meredith said "ADRIANNA he's stuck in the lamp!" So I rushed over to help him get out and he was screaming because his head was stuck in a little hole in the lampshade. I shook the lamp then Tessa tipped it over to the ground and kitty worked his way out. He got out, I was relieved and he ran over to the TV room and was breathing really hard so I gave him water. One of my sisters was babysitting me because my mom was not home so I was very scared and called my sister and my mom. I deleted the video right away because I never wanted to see it again. My sister, Gabrielle recovered it from my 'recently deleted' (folder) and sent it to my family. My brother wanted to send it out on twitter right away, but I was so scared of the video that I did not want him to:


The day we posted it (told by Tierney Elliott, 21): It was 'national sibling day' and all of our friends know how funny my youngest sister, Adrianna is. We always post funny videos of her so my brother Braxton used this day to show our friends the funny video we've been holding on to. Within the first few minutes all of our friends were retweeting it and telling us how funny it was. Then all of the sudden there were more and more retweets and favorites happening so fast. We couldn't believe it! We all sat around that night and read through the funny comments. Adrianna was so excited she was going viral! Until she found out that people thought that he was electrocuted! We were so sad that people thought that we would post a video of our cat dying. We got a lot of people asking for videos of him alive, and proof that he didn't die. As of right now, everyone still thinks he got electrocuted.