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Vogue Magazine cover coming under fire for its diversity

Posted at 11:35 PM, Feb 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-11 02:35:24-05

The models on the cover of a top fashion magazine have people talking and the conversation is turning toward the cover's impact on young girls.

The March issue of Vogue portrays seven models of different ethnicities on the cover, including plus-size model Ashley Graham and the first Asian covergirl for the American edition of the magazine.

"This Vogue cover is very inspirational because it shows that it's not a cookie-cutter business anymore," said Natalie Haddad, the director of models and talent at TNG Models in Las Vegas.

TNG has signed women of color and of varying sizes, showing the stereotype of what a "model" is has loosened.

Lexie Levy and Ariah Spotofora say that's a good thing and they want to see that.

The two 14-year-olds readily admit to being influenced by the media. They say the Vogue cover isn't diverse because the models all look the same, saying they're skinny and even look to be generally the same color.

Twitter users have had similar criticism.

One person said the cover showed "a herd of very-thin light-skinned twenty somethings."

"It's just that quick reminder like you'll never be like them and it kind of tears a lot of girls down," Levy said.

11-year-old Faith Watson had a different take. She saw diversity when she looked at the image.

"It's nice they have different skin types and colors because it shows everyone can be together and do the same things," Watson said.

Jim Gentleman, SKG Advertising's senior vice president of advertising strategy, says magazine covers still hold great power, including over young women. He expects the issue to sell very well for Vogue.

Haddad says the cover is a sign that fashion is catching up with real life.

"It is a big win for showing that there's various shades and types of beauty in the world," she said.