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Dutch Bros. employees pray with new widow

Posted at 7:23 AM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-24 10:53:42-04

A photograph of employees of a Dutch Bros. in Vancouver, Oregon, is going viral for good reason.

The employees took time out of their day to pray with a customer who recently stopped for a cup of coffee.

An employee noticed that the woman was upset. She explained to the employee that her 37-year-old husband had just died the night before.

Without hesitation, that employee and other crew members stopped and prayed with the woman as she sat in her car in their drive-thru.

Another customer saw what was happening and took the photograph.

She then posted it online with an explanation of what happened. The post has been shared more than 123K times and the story is making headlines around the world.


Snapped this picture while waiting in line at the Dutch Bros on 138th Avenue today. Turns out the young lady in line...

Posted by Barbara Danner on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Many people are leaving comments about their own experiences with employees of Dutch Bros.

When my parents were in a head on collision last year, the amazing kids at the Dutch Bros on Coburg Road in Eugene came together with their own tips to purchase my mom (a VERY regular customer) a beautiful card and they loaded up a gift card for her so she would not have to worry about paying for her coffee during her recovery for a long time! -- Brenda King Eien

I stopped by after I had to put down a beloved pet. In my head a dutch bros coffee = comfort. They gave it to me for free along with some kind words. I've never forgotten that. -- Sherrie Chapman Vieira

I had a bad day at work after witnessing child abuse,I went next door to Dutch to calm down ( Canby Or. Dutch Bros. is a walk in with seating like a Starbucks in case you didnt know) and the staff were so nice and refused my money and while I tried to stop my tears waiting for my drink one of the girls started reading me cartoons from a Peanuts book and I started laughing turned my moment around. Canby Dutch will forever be in my heart. -- Rhonda Mangum

Dutch Bros has a very special place in my heart. When I was in an abusive marriage my now ex husband would use our cell phone to track me. I had gone to the only place he let me go (Dutch Bros) because he knew exactly how long it took to get there and back. Even on long lines. I went one day when I was breaking down crying and I gave my phone to the barista. I went back later to thank her because he was no longer able to track me and I got safely to my parents house... To the police station... And he was arrested within minutes after the police saw the bruises and scars all over my neck. I will ALWAYS be a loyal Dutch customer. -- Emily Roadarmel

A year ago my daughter and I stopped at a Dutch Bro. in Washington. When asked where we were headed my daughter told them we were on our way to my uncles funeral. They would not take money for the coffee. I have yet to encounter a Dutch Bro. employee who isn't generous and kind. -- Donna Bishop Miles

Employees of Dutch Bros. are also leaving their own comments about their experience working for the company.

I am just so proud of my coworkers and so proud to be a part of this company. We are not just a cup of coffee, we are a support system for whoever needs us! I love you all. This customer is so wonderful and she is the one that really deserves credit for her strength to get out of bed and be there for her three young children when they need her most. I hope she continues to be strong and we continue to change lives! -- Hailey Blaylock

I'm so blessed to work for Dutch Bros. We have the freedom to care and love on our customers which makes my job amazing. I've prayed with customers, hugged customers, celebrated pregnancies and held hands while people are heading to a funeral. I wish more businesses encouraged their employees the way Dutch does! -- Alysia 'Sherman' Brewer