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WATCH: Officers subdue man with batons, taser

Posted at 2:36 PM, May 31, 2016

A man sent in video to the 23ABC newsroom of three Bakersfield Police Department officers using batons and a Taser to subdue a man who had jaywalked and ran from police Monday evening.

23ABC spoke with a Sergeant of the BPD around 7:15 p.m. Monday who said, that the man was jaywalking and tried to run away from police downtown at the Chevron Gas Station at the intersection of 23rd and H streets.

The video starts after the man was already on the ground and you can hear him screaming that he thinks his leg is broken.

During this time, two more officers arrived on scene and are seen punching and hitting the man with a baton and yelling to stop resisting.

You can also hear a Taser being used to subdue the man.

23ABC News spoke with Sgt. Gary Carruesco Tuesday who watched the video and said that the man had a cast on one of his arms.

Carruesco said that the officers are trained to keep themselves from being injured and with him flailing around they had to use the tools they're equipped with to overcome his level of resistance.

Carruesco said that by watching the video there was an obvious non-compliance and that officers had to use force to gain control of the man.

"The problem with force is that it's ugly no matter what level it's at," Carruesco said. "Officers are concerned about the safety of the citizens around as well as their own safety."

Carruesco said that officers need to make a split-second decision when it comes to the amount of force used.

The BPD Sergeant said that the man was resisting arrest and he believed that the man had mental issues. 

The BPD Sergeant said that the man was taken to an area hospital for an evaluation.