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The 5 most popular places to stash your Christmas presents

Posted at 1:20 PM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 16:21:19-05

If you're buying Christmas presents for your kids, you're probably going to need a good hiding spot.

Kids tend to be inquisitive around the holidays, according to online retailer Zulily. They surveyed 1,186 U.S. parents with children ages 10 and under, and they found out that 46 percent of parents caught their kids snooping around for presents before the holiday.

Zulily also asked parents about where they keep their stash of Christmas presents. Here are the top five locations:

  • The trunk of their car (32%)
  • Linen closet (31%)
  • Garage (23%)
  • Basement (21%)
  • Friend’s house (20%)

Aside from keeping their children's presents out of sight, parents also go to other great lengths to keep the magic of Santa alive:

  • 63 percent use a different wrapping paper for "Santa's" gifts than presents from themselves
  • 31 percent sign the gift tag with their non-dominant hand to make the handwriting look different
  • 15 percent have another family member sign and/or wrap the presents

And finally, 9 out of 10 parents (88 percent) eat the cookies and drink the milk left for Santa, and 40 percent leave behind a hand-written note.