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Texas teen gets perfect score on both SAT, ACT

Posted at 3:17 PM, Oct 03, 2015

A Texas high school student was the second in his family to receive a perfect score on both the SAT exam.

Antony Yun of Bellaire, Texas, told ABC 13 in Houston that he didn't follow any special formula for success, also getting a perfect score on the ACT. His older brother Daniel served as a role model after scoring perfectly on the SAT four years ago.

"You could say that it runs in the family, in a way, since my brother also got a perfect score, but I guess with only two data points, you can't, um, correlation doesn't always imply causation," Yun told ABC 13.

Yun wants to study computer science and is looking at the University of Texas, MIT and Rice University, according to ABC 13.