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Study: People with iPhones/iPads appear to be rich

Posted at 3:56 PM, Jul 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-09 19:16:15-04

A new study has found that owning an iPad or an iPads is a strong indicator that someone has a high income, according to a study by economists at University of Chicago. 

Researchers analyzed trends in differences between groups of people, including income, education, gender, race and political ideology.

Part of the research also took a look at the usage of brands by people with different levels of wealth in 1992, 2004 and 2015. iOS devices topped the list for the most recent year.


It was determined that people who owned iPhones or iPades were in the top quartile for income.

People who used Kikkomans soy sauce and Ziploc plastic bags also placed high on list of indicators of wealth.