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Study: Nevada most like Donald Trump

Posted at 11:10 AM, Feb 09, 2016

The Estately Blog has just released the results of which state is most like Trump and Nevada is the big winner (?).

Estately used seven Donald Trump-specific metrics to rank each state. They then averaged those rankings to determine which states were most like The Donald.

The seven metrics were:

  • Percentage of residents married three times or more (source: 2012 U.S. Census)
  • Businesses offering spray tans per capita (source: YellowPages.com)
  • Percentage of people who brag on social media (source: HeyLets.com)
  • Billionaires per capita (source: Forbes)
  • Total amount of campaign contributions to Donald Trump per capita (source: Federal Election Commission)
  • Bankruptcies per capita for 2009-2014 (source: American Bankruptcy Institute)
  • Percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in “Donald Trump for President (source: Facebook)

Nevada ranked particularly high in bragging the most on social media (3rd), number of billionaires per capita (6th), and total amount of campaign contributions (2nd).

We also ranked 3rd with the number of bankruptcies per capita (Trump has filed four) and 6th for number of residents married three times or more (Donald has been married three times).

Overall, Nevada placed in the top 12 in six of the seven categories.

The other states in the top five include Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida and Kentucky.

Click here to see rankings for all of the states.