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Step aside Rompers, lacey shorts are the latest male fashion trend

Posted at 8:49 AM, Jun 01, 2017

First rompers (RompHims) and now lacey shorts are taking over male fashion.

The Summer months are blistering hot in Las Vegas and extremely humid in other parts of the country, so what better way to beat the impending heat than letting your legs breathe?

The lacey above knee shorts come in multiple colors, because everyone needs variety, and feature a pretty stylish white belt. Dare we say it?

Lacey shorts are the perfect pool party attire.

Sparkie Baby Official was the first to bring light to the fashion trend via their Instagram, but the lacey outfits were originally created for rapper Cazwell's upcoming video "Loose Wrists," which debuts on June 15.

So men, if you're feeling adventurous or ladies, if you're trying to style your man – lacey shorts may be the garment you never knew you wanted but surely needed. Interested in buying a pair?  Hologram City LA has you covered!