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Former Denver Broncos player busted by FBI

Posted at 6:16 PM, Jan 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-28 21:16:45-05

Former Denver Broncos running back Derek Loville, 47, has been busted in an international drug trafficking, sports gambling and money laundering ring and a man nicknamed "Robin Hood 702" says that he helped the FBI in the investigation.

Loville and 21 others were charged on Thursday, according to the New York Post. In addition to Loville, the group's ringleader, Owen "O-Dog" Hanson," was also charged. Hanson is a former University of Southern California football player.

Nineteen of the defendants were rounded up by federal authorities on Thursday morning.

Hanson and Giovanni "Tank" Brandolino, 41, were arrested late last year. One person, Kenny Hilinski, is still on the run.

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Robin Hood 702 says that the group used "most terrifying scare tactics" to get debtors to comply with their demands.

He says he became a target of the drug ring when he refused to launder $20 million for them. Robin Hood says that the group sent a horrifying DVD showing men being beheaded to a family member in an attempt to scare him.

Hanson also reportedly mailed a photograph of himself wearing a Mexican's wrestler's mask and holding a shovel while standing in front of the grave site for Robin Hood's parents.

Robin Hood 702 earned his nickname because he donates money that he wins at Las Vegas casinos to various organizations and people in need.

In addition to his charitable deeds, Robin Hood has also made headlines for stopping dine-and-dash suspects and rescuing a man from a fire in 2014.

In addition, Robin Hood 702 offered a $50,000 bounty for the person who robbed the Bellagio of $1.5 million in chips shortly before Christmas in 2010.