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#Pokemonument: Mysterious Pokemon statue appears overnight in New Orleans

#Pokemonument: Mysterious Pokemon statue appears overnight in New Orleans
Posted at 6:14 PM, Aug 01, 2016

There are dozens of statues in the city of New Orleans, all of which hold artistic and historical significant. But they usually don’t pop up overnight.

That’s exactly what happened on Monday, when residents of the city's Lower Garden District awoke to find what appeared to be a bronzed, aged Pokemon statue in their backyards.


Pikachu statue illegally erected over night in New Orleans, La.


The statue depicts a Pikachu, one of the characters of the popular iPhone game, perched atop a pedestal adorned with a Pokeball. The base of the statue is inscribed with the hashtag #Pokemonumnet.



While the statute appears to be made of cement and bronze, reports indicate that the structure is hollow and made of a fiberglass-like substance — meaning it was ideally made to be carried and quickly installed in the middle of the night.

This is what the area used to look like, according to Google Maps.

Pokemon Go is an iPhone game that allows users to catch creatures while out and about and battle them against other users. The game is currently averaging about 20 million players a day.

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