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Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year Not a Word

Posted at 4:17 PM, Nov 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-17 19:17:45-05

For the first time ever...Oxford Dictionary's word of the year is not a word....it's an emoji! The "Face with Tears of Joy" emoji was selected because the "word" best reflects ethos and mood. SwiftKey's conducted a report analyzing more than a billion emojis used by speakers of 16 languages. The List'sBradley Hasemeyer shares the most popular emojis. 

1. Happy faces were used almost 45 percent of the time. 

2. Sad faces were used just over 14 percent. 

3. Hearts were right behind at 12.5 percent. 

The most used emojis in America are the chicken leg, birthday cake and pizza.  

Which emojis do you use the most? Comment below with your favorite.