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Ohio mom says child served pot-covered fries

Posted at 5:47 AM, Oct 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-13 08:47:16-04

A mom in Ohio is claiming that her daughter was recently given French fries that were covered with marijuana.

It happened in Huber Heights, Ohio.

The woman says she picked up food at a local Wend's for her 4-year-old child on Tuesday.

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The little girl quickly complained that her fries "tasted funny and were yucky."

Mom took a look and saw small green flecks on the fries.

She called the Wendy's and the manager denied that it could have happened at the restaurant. So, she called the police.

They also detected what appeared to be pot on the fries and went to question the employees at the restaurant. Although two employees did admit that they smoke pot, the officers did not find any on the premises.

Wendy's released a statement that they are investigating.