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New mom almost victim of drive-by doctoring

New mom almost victim of drive-by doctoring
Posted at 7:02 AM, Jul 25, 2018

New moms are being hit with big bills after delivery even when they think they have everything covered. It's called drive-by doctoring and it is becoming more common. 

It happened to one new mom named Sarah Hayes.

She received a bill from Pediatrix, which screens newborns for hearing problems.

Hayes is upset because she had made sure in advance that her hospital, doctor and anesthesiologists bills would all be covered.

Patients everywhere are finding out that some part of their procedures are not covered because they were not handled by in-network providers.

A Slate magazine report suggests you ask your doctor or hospital if they use any out-of-network labs before a procedure or hospitalization.

Pediatrix has waived Hayes' bill.