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Mayweather defends Rousey after her loss

Posted at 1:13 PM, Nov 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-17 16:13:40-05

An unlikely fellow boxer is coming to Ronda Rousey's defense after her surprising loss to Holly Holm Saturday night.

Floyd Mayweather told FightHype.com, "I don't think it's cool how everyone is trolling her on social media."

He continued, "People will love you on Friday and then Sunday morning, it's nothing but negative comments and people making jokes and people making fun about you, which I don't think is cool. I've never been on the other side, so I don't know how it feels."

And while the undefeated Mayweather hasn't lost a fight, he told FightHype.com he can relate to losing. Mayweather announced his retirement in September.

"That doesn't mean that I haven't took a loss before. I'm not talking about boxing; I'm just talking about life. When you lose a loved one, that's taking a loss. I think that everything is just a learning experience."

Rousey had been undefeated like Mayweather before Saturday's UFC fight. The winner Holm is undefeated.

Mayweather's comments may be surprising for some since Rousey has had some choice words for the boxer. She said after winning the ESPY for best fighter, "I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once," referring to Mayweather's history with domestic violence.