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Man steals date's car, uses it to take victim's godsister on a date

Posted at 7:33 PM, Jul 18, 2018

Plenty of people have stories to tell about terrible dates, but one Memphis woman has a doozy.

She says her date stole her car and later picked up her godsister for a date in the stolen vehicle.

The woman says she knew the man in high school and he reached out and suggested dinner. They took her car to dinner but when he couldn't make up his mind where to eat they ended up at a gas station.

He asked her to go into the gas station to get something form him, then stole her car.

In a shocking plot twist, he later asked her godsister out to the movies. The godsister told the victim about the date, which led to the victim and police locating the man at a drive-in movie theater.  That is where police arrested the suspect.