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Owner of frozen car reacts to viral images

Posted at 7:41 AM, Jan 13, 2016

After images of an ice-covered car went viral on Monday, the frozen vehicle's owner stepped forward with a simple wish. "I hope summer comes soon," Justin Yelen told Buffalo, New York's WKBW-TV.

The 24-year-old driver told WKBW he left the car parked overnight along New York State Route 5 in Hamburg because he'd had a few drinks with his friends and didn't want to drive.

On Monday, a dramatic image of the frozen car was tweeted by a WKBW reporter and it went viral. A crew from ABC's "Good Morning America" went to see the so-called "ice car."

Yelen told WKBW he had no idea how he'd get his car out of the ice.

When asked if he thought there'd be any damage to the vehicle, he said, "I hope not. There probably is!."

Yelen said for now, he'd be getting rides from his parents. His dad is trying to figure out how to get the car out.

"Now I have another thing to try to figure out," said Yelen's father Joe, jokingly. "We're going to have to somehow tow it to a warm garage and get it warmed up. I'm leaving that up to Justin!"