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#GarthGoSeeJake results in gift to injured fan

Teen injured in crash before Garth Brooks concert
Posted at 10:50 AM, Apr 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-11 13:52:57-04

Country singer Garth Brooks recently sent a box full of memorabilia to a Tennessee teenager after he found out that the teen missed his concert because he crashed his car.

The crash happened on Feb. 2. Jake Stroud of Arlington, Tennessee, was on his way to see Garth Brooks in concert at the FedExForum in nearby Memphis.

Apparently, he had taken some cold medicine which caused him to fall asleep and crash his car while driving.

Stroud had four surgeries after the crash and has several large scars as a reminder of what happened.

After the crash, his family and friends started a social media campaign to bring the crash to the singer's attention. They created the hashtag #GarthGoSeeJake and it was used by thousands of people.

Brooks hasn't visited the teen but he did send a huge box filled with T-shirts, CDs, DVDs, hats and more.