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Florida dad puts on short shorts in hopes of teaching daughter a lesson

Utah dad went viral in 2013 for doing similar thing
Posted at 8:05 AM, Jun 24, 2019

A video of a Florida dad in short shorts trying to teach his daughter a lesson has gone viral.

Jason Hilley says that his 14-year-old daughter has worn shorts that he feels are too revealing.

Instead of yelling or screaming at her, he decided to use humor to try and get his point across.

Hilley put on a pair of short shorts and told his daughter that he would pick her up in school every day wearing the shorts if she continued wearing shorts that were too revealing.

The video went viral and has been viewed more than 30 million times.


Hilley is not the first dad who has put on a pair of short shorts in an effort to drive home a point.

A photo of Utah dad Scott Mackintosh went viral in 2013. In the photo, Mackintosh can been seen wearing a pair of short shorts and a t-shirt that says "Best. Dad. Ever."

At the time, Mackintosh says he did it because he daughter was wearing clothing that he felt was "inappropriate" and "immodest" and that he was a firm believer that the way people dress sends messages.