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Fan obsessed with Miley Cyrus arrested at show in Las Vegas

Posted at 5:50 AM, Sep 24, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — David Rumsey, a man who is allegedly obsessed with singer and actress Miley Cyrus, was arrested at T-Mobile Arena over the weekend.

TMZ says that Rumsey was in the audience to see Cyrus perform when he was spotted by her bodyguards.

Rumsey, 42, made a series of tweets about Miley before the performance, including one where he said he hoped he could meet up with her somewhere besides his room at "motel 6" and another about partying with "2pac, biggie, Prince, Michael Jackson and all those we lost."

“This signifies something where he has this planned out, he has a fantasy, but a fantasy about being with dead people so this makes me worried," says Las Vegas valley doctor Daliah Wachs.

He also apologized for hurting her and blamed President Trump.

The bodyguards are familiar with Rumsey because he has reportedly made threats against her in the past.

Dr. Wachs says Rumsey fits the characteristics of what’s known as an “intimacy stalker.”

“Somebody who really wants a relationship, really loves her, wants a relationship with her but has some narcissism thinking that he can actually have her," says Dr. Wachs.

Cyrus was in town to perform for the annual iHeartRadio festival.

UNLV Sociology Professor Dr. Michael Borer says a false sense of intimacy can drive someone to the point of obsession and stalking.

Their public life, much of which is seen on social media, can serve as an illusion of knowing such celebrity on a personal level.

"Because we know so much about them they're not that far away from us so this person might have thought that Miley Cyrus knew him as much as he knew her and would stand up there for her," says Dr. Borer.

Rumsey made his first appearance in front of a Las Vegas judge this morning. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 7.