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Extreme sports star Erik Roner dies near Tahoe

Posted at 10:28 AM, Sep 29, 2015

An extreme sports star died while skydiving near Lake Tahoe.

Erik Roner, a skier and base jumper, died Monday at Squaw Valley in Northern California when he struck a tree as he was attempting to land, according to ABC 7 News in San Francisco. He was 39.

He also did a stunt where he sat in a lawn chair, suspended by baloons and after he shot at the balloons with a shotgun, he plummeted to the ground with a parachute, ABC 7 reported.

Roner came to Las Vegas for some of his stunts, including a base jump in 2011 from the MGM Grand hotel-casino. It was to promote an event there.

Roner was also part of MTV's "Nitro Circus," which featured extreme athletes doing stunts around the world.