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Don't get too excited about eating pizza for breakfast

Posted at 12:00 PM, Nov 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-29 08:43:49-05

An article from February 2018 about pizza being healthier than most cereals resurfaced late last week, causing some people to get all excited.

Not so fast. Pizza may contain some important things -- carbohydrates, protein and fat -- but that doesn't mean it necessarily healthier. Most delivery pizza is also very high in sodium. And, a single slice of pizza could put a serious dent in your calorie budget for the day.

For example, a small slice of regular crust cheese pizza can range between 150 to 200 calories or more. A typical small slice of pepperoni or sausage pizza starts between 200 and 250 calories. A large slice of cheese pizza can contain as much as 300 calories and a large slice of pepperoni can contain as much as 450 calories or more. A large, 14-inch pepperoni pizza from Domino's has more than 2,100 calories.

If you want to eat pizza for breakfast, there are several things that you can do to make it healthier.

Start with a whole wheat or crust made out of cauliflower. Choose red sauce or white and don't use much of it. Cream-based sauces are full of fat.

Next, pile on the vegetables and limit the fatty meats and fried toppings. Sausage, pepperoni and cheese can add 35 to 100 calories per slice. Use chicken, turkey sausage or Canadian bacon instead. 

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Skip the cheese. If you must have cheese, use dairy-free or almond milk cheese. And definitely stay away from the stuffed pizzas. 

Also, order a smaller pizza. Smaller slices means less of the bad stuff. Just don't eat more slices because they are smaller. Also, stay away from deep dish pizzas. If at all possible, choose thin crust over regular crust. 

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Skip the dip. Papa John's pizza comes with a buttery garlic dipping sauce. Other chains offer ranch dressing for dipping. 

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It is true that eating a couple of slices of pizza for breakfast versus a bowl of cereal may help you feel full longer and maybe that will prevent you from eating again too soon. And, many cereals contain a whole lot of sugar -- as much as half of what you should have in one day. Cereals also contain very little fat (some fat is actually good for you) or fiber.

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Not all cereals are bad though and you can find cereal with less sugar and more good stuff like fiber fairly easy.