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Didn't like the unicorn frappuccino? Check out the dragon

Dragon frappuccinos are becoming a thing
Posted at 3:48 PM, Apr 25, 2017

If a unicorn frappuccino isn't quite your thing, maybe you will be more interested in the dragon frappuccino.

According to Today.com, the drink came about when Starbucks began running out of ingredients for the unicorn frappuccino and had to get creative. The frappuccino is made with green tea and berry syrup.

The dragon frappuccino is reportedly less sweet than the unicorn frappuccino, which may appeal to some drinkers.

It is not an official Starbucks drink. Yet. But even if it never does become one, that isn't stopping anyone from ordering a dragon frappuccino. Starbucks claims that it can customize drinks more than 170,000 ways.

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