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Colorado roofing company offering a gun with a new roof purchase

'Get a roof, get a gun'
Posted at 3:11 PM, Aug 01, 2016

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- Acquiring an AR 15 rifle in Colorado could be as simple as buying a new roof. 

At least that's what Weatherproof -- a Colorado-based roofing company -- is touting in their latest promotion. 

"It symbolizes, at our core, who we are; True American Patriots," Weatherproof representatives said of their promotion. "Just like the AR 15 we're promoting, our roofs are built for Americans, by Americans." 

Weatherproof, which was founded by self-described "Bible-believing, gun-owning patriots," explains gun ownership is both a privilege and a right, which can benefit all Americans. 

Some groups, however, condemn the spread of all firearms -- including those that can be used to inflict mass amounts of damage. Some say the AR 15 is the perfect weapon for mass shootings. 

Recently, the gun was used in the San Bernardino and Sandy Hook shootings, so the promotion has drawn its critics.

"We know that because of all the things that have happened with AR 15s and other assault weapons from Columbine, to Aurora Theater, to San Bernardino, Sandy Hook,” McCarron said.

Undeterred, the Castle Rock company fired back, saying it promotes responsible gun ownership. In its promotion, it advises all gun owners take a class and promises all potential owners must pass federal background checks. 

For those who may not want the AR 15 rifle, the promotion also allows for other selections. 

“You get your choice of an AR 15, a 9mm handgun, a self-defense shotgun or if you’ve got more guns than you need already, a $500 dollar gift card to Cabela’s,” said Webb.

There is no limit to the amount of firearms Webb will give away over the next two months.

In order to pull off this promotion, Weatherproof has partnered with Centennial Gun Club. The promotion will last until Oct. 1, with homeowners that sign a contract for a re-roofing, roof repair, exterior home painting, siding repair or window replacement. 

For a full disclaimer, check out Weatherproof's flier here.