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Ambulance taken on joyride in OKC

Posted at 7:30 AM, Apr 22, 2016

A bizarre joyride was caught on camera in Oklahoma City.

A woman who had been out of jail for less than 24 hours decided to steal an ambulance.

But, she had an explanation.

Last month, paramedics had just delivered a patient to a local hospital when Dasha West jumped behind the wheel of the empty ambulance. She weaved in and out of traffic while the local police gave chase.

After she was arrested, 36-year-old Dasha West told a police officer that she thought she was supposed to steal the ambulance.

Trooper Conway: "So you're in a stolen vehicle."

West: "I thought that's what they wanted me to do!"

The woman's mother told KOCO-TV in Oklahmoa City that her daughter has mental issues. She believes her daughter had gone to the hospital for help when she stole the ambulance.

Although the incident happened in March, the video of the chase was just released.