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Arkansas Officer Tommy Norman capturing hearts around the country

'Good cops do exist'
Arkansas Officer Tommy Norman capturing hearts around the country
Posted at 10:27 AM, Jul 12, 2016
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Officer Tommy Norman isn't your average police officer. He's also somewhat of a rockstar.

In a time where police aren't necessary being viewed in a positive light due to the deaths of numerous black citizens at the hands of police, Norman is being hailed as a "good cop."

Officer Norman can be seen on his Instagram, which recently garnered 1 million followers, servicing his community and interacting with the children and residents of North Little Rock Arkansas where he patrols.


This is what happy looks like! ????? #CommunityPolicing #StayCommitted

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Norman is no stranger to doing good for his community. He has been on the police force for 18 years and has been a driving force in earning trust from his community while keeping them safe at the same time.

His duties go well beyond patrolling. A typical day for Norman includes playing with the local kids, sharing snacks, and just being an all-around positive force to the people in his community. 


Stocked & ready for tomorrow! ???? #CommunityPolicing #StayCommitted

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Norman has been admired for a long time in North Little Rock. However, his rise to fame came after the killings of Alton Sterling and PhilandoCastile. This left many to wonder if any positive images of law enforcement truly existed.

Many celebrities have noticed Officer Norman as well. Over the weekend, rapper The Game started a gofundme to raise money so that Officer Norman can continue to give back to his community. The campaign has now raised over $64,000.


Just being there means a lot! ????? #CommunityPolicing #StayCommitted

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"The money raised will be used to help Officer Norman continue his mission strengthening the community. We will be purchasing and delivering items such as snacks, drinks, and toys for him to keep his trunk stocked for the kids and members of the community", says The Game.
While many struggle with the recent events involving police, Officer Norman is a positive role model for all of us. As Ghandi would say, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." 
Officer Tommy Norman is doing just that.

A hug from Chris that I'll cherish forever! ????? #CommunityPolicing #StayCommitted

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