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Andie MacDowell defends Twitter outburst

Posted at 3:25 PM, Jan 25, 2016

Actress Andie MacDowell is taking some heat after she posted on social media about being bumped from first class.

MacDowell was flying American Airlines on Jan. 22 when she was downgraded because she had her dog with her.

MacDowell immediately complained on her Twitter account.

The tweet was accompanied by a smiling selfie with her fellow passengers in coach.

She followed up by describing an airline employee as "the rudest person I have ever had to deal with" and accused the employee of being on a "power trip."

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People were swift to criticize the star of "Groundhog Day," "Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Dinner With Friends" and, most recently, "Magic Mike XXL."

However, MacDowell didn't take it lying down.

MacDowell continued to defend herself over the weekend. By Sunday, she was obviously tired of the whole thing.