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Police officers stuck in elevator call for help

Posted at 7:10 PM, Apr 28, 2016
When a group of police officers stranded inside an elevator needed help, they turned to their firefighting brethren.
The incident occurred inside a Kansas City, Missouri, police academy on Wednesday.
About a dozen police officers were trapped inside a stalled elevator when they reached out to the Kansas City Fire Department. 
It wasn’t long before a rescue crew arrived with help – and a photo-op, of course. The resulting picture shows the handful of officers either smiling and playing along, or looking away sheepishly.'
The photo was shared on the Kansas City Police Department's Facebook page with the caption, "Well that was embarrassing."

St. Louis Fire Department Captain Gregg Favre also posted the amusing photo on Twitter. 
It’s ok, boys. We all need help from our friends every once in a while.