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ZOOM Schools extend into summer break

Not all CCSD students off for the summer yet
Posted at 7:13 AM, May 25, 2018

Students across Clark County are officially off for summer break, except for a few schools who choose to stay nearly a month longer.  

There are over 30 schools considered Zoom Schools across CCSD. Most of them, like Squires Elementary School, choose to stay about 20 minutes longer every day during the normal school year.

"We need that extra time," says Squires Elementary School principal, Barry Bosacker.   

A handful of other schools, like William K. Moore and Ollie Detwiler, choose to stay longer during the summer. 

This is to accommodate the majority of their students who are English-language learners.  

"We have that additional time to help our students acquire the language and become better readers," says Bosacker.  

For the schools who choose to stay longer into the summer, they have an additional 3-4 weeks of instructional time.  

"We also noted that students who got those additional days did not experience the large 'summer slide' that we sometimes see when students are out for two months during the summer," says CCSD associate superintendent, Lorna James-Cervantes.  

Zoom Schools receive state funding for the additional instructional time.