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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Woman says apartment mold is making her sick

Posted at 5:54 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 20:54:16-04
A local vwoman told 13 Action News she does not have enough money to move out of her mold-filled apartment.
Kameisha Turner could not keep from crying while telling 13 Action News about her situation.
"I live day by day trying to make rent just to live in a place that doesn't care about me," said Turner through her tears.
Turner moved into Siegel Suites in July 2015, and said her unit smelled strange. She did not find out why until months later.
"As I was taking a shower one day, I happened to look at the tiles in the shower and I'm like, 'the tiles are going to fall off the wall,'" she recalled.
Behind the tiles, she saw a wall covered in dark-colored mold. She said maintenance cut new drywall and put the same tiles back up. But her health kept declining.
"My breathing is getting worse," said Turner. "I'm having a hard time sleeping now. I'm having shortness of breath while I'm sleeping."
The paperwork she shared with 13 Action News shows numerous doctors visits for respiratory problems.
Several weeks later, the maintenance crew told her the whole bathroom wall was covered with mold underneath the tiles and they would have to replace it. 
Initially, they wanted her to continue living in that unit while they fixed it, and use the bathroom in another unit. She insisted they move her.
"They offered me, 'once we're done we can waive the $150 restoration fee and let you go back to the unit,'" Turner said.
Now, she believes her new unit may have mold in the bathroom, too.
"I'm tired," Turner cried. "It's to the point where I'm just sick and tired of fighting with these people. I'm tired of complaining. I'm just burnt out and it's not fair."
13 Action News went to the office on property, but they would not talk to us and gave us a phone number for someone named Gina. 
We called Gina, but she refused to speak with us on the record and would only say Turner is a liar, but wouldn't tell us what she lied about. So, we emailed the corporate office.
For now, Turner has set up a GoFundMe account to try and raise money to move out of Siegel Suites.