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Woman says rain damaged apartment

Posted at 6:02 PM, Apr 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 21:50:15-04
A valley woman said the weekend rain storm damaged her apartment and she does not think management is doing enough to fix it up.
She was home at the complex near Boulder Highway and Tropicana Avenue when the storm hit.

"Water started running in the bathroom, I put towels and all that down and called the office and I asked them would they come out, they wouldn't," said Ella Patton, a resident in one of the five units damaged by the rain.
The bathroom mirror even fell down, and she says her neighbor had to clean it up for her when management wouldn't.
"I don't give them no problems, no nothing, so why can't you come fix my stuff?" said Patton.
Some of the damage in her neighbors' units is even worse than in her unit. One of them lost power in their bathroom.
"It make me feel like they don't care," Patton said. "They just want your money and that's it."
A supervisor was at the neighboring unit for their move-out Tuesday, and said they did not know there was damage inside. Just a few minutes later, the maintenance man showed up. He said the rain got inside because the roof was damaged in a storm a few weeks ago.
We talked to the manager and she said she is on it and very much aware of the damage.
She promised us they would fix the interiors of the damaged units.