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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Two street lamps missing from median for months

Posted at 11:33 PM, Jan 24, 2017
Two street lamps have been missing from a median near a busy intersection for months.
The city of Las Vegas says a car crash knocked the light poles out near Charleston Boulevard and Fort Apache Road, and it's been a struggle to get them replaced ever since.
"You have no visual of the street," said Kenny Angell. "Those lights are important for pedestrians, for everything, especially over there where the crosswalk is."
Angell says the lack of light isn't the only concerning thing. One of the spots in which the street lamp was located is left with loose wires hanging everywhere.
"All the wires are just exposed laying on the ground and I just felt that's a concern, a safety hazard," said Angell.
A spokesperson with the city of Las Vegas says the wires are not live and they pose no threat to anyone walking near or on the median.
The spokesperson also says new street lamps should be up in a month.
He said the hold up has been that they need to order new parts because they don't have them on hand. Also, he said, Charleston Boulevard is considered a Nevada Department of Transportation road and they have tight rules and regulations when it comes to doing work on their streets.
If you come across a similar issue, you can report it to the city's hotline at 702-229-6075.