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UPDATE: Dog left on balcony up for adoption

Posted at 6:15 PM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 00:25:55-04
LATEST: On Oct. 6, the Animal Foundation announced that the dog, named Drew, is up for adoption.

UPDATE: The dog has been taken to the Animal Foundation.
A manager at the Eastgate Apartments tells 13 Action News someone broke into the apartment and took the dog. They say they were feeding to the dog, but couldn't remove him right away for legal reasons.
It will be at least 72 hours before anyone can adopt the dog, and that's only if professionals think it's a good idea. The original owners could also get the dog back.

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A dog won't stop barking from a balcony at a valley apartment complex and what's worse neighbors say the owners up and left.
Neighbors told us about this dog, who they said was left behind when his owners left Eastgate Apartments, located near Nellis Boulevard and Vegas Valley Drive.
Mercedes Lunes lives right across from the apartment where the dog's owners were living. She's not sure when they left, but said she could hear fighting coming from the apartment not too long ago.
We went to investigate and saw the door has two papers still taped up outside.
One is from management, dated Sept. 20, saying they would be there for an annual inspection on Sept. 22.
The second is from Animal Control, dated Sept. 23.
This neighbor did not know the owners were gone until we told him and he is shocked they would leave their pet.
We called management at the Eastgate Apartments. They said they gave the tenants an eviction noticed on the Sept. 17 for not paying rent.
Management said when they called Animal Control, they were limited in what they could do because they're in the process of an eviction.
Many in the complex are upset seeing him left alone. Neighbors said they've tried throwing food up to the dog and workers at the apartment complex are bringing him food and water until Animal Control can take action.