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YOU ASK: Mold takes over family home

Posted at 6:02 PM, May 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-03 22:04:01-04
A valley mom battled for almost a month to get her property management company to fix the mold she found in her home.
After she turned to 13 Action News, our team lit a fire that led to results in hours.
There was a smell in Adrienne Green's kitchen, and she said it was not the kind you want before while you're getting ready for a child's birthday party.
"Behind the stove, it was unbelievably disgusting, so bad," said Green. "I wanted to cancel the party and just tell everybody 'forget it.' It was horrible."
She sent us photos of mold all over when her husband pulled the stove away. Then she looked in the drawers and found more mold there.
"It was so much, in my kitchen where I eat with my family every day," Green said.
On April 11, Green said she called the maintenance line to get them to send someone to clean the kitchen.
On April 12, a maintenance worker came out and took pictures. Her husband cleaned their moldy kitchen himself, while they waited for someone to come out and fix it.
But on April 26, Green got an email saying the work order was complete -- even though no one from ever came out there to clean.
"It's really unnerving," said Green. "I have children and I'm a good tenant, I make the place better, I love this house, and....it's mold."
13 Action News went to the offices for Waypoint Homes, Green's property management company.
They said they had no idea what we were talking about. But a few hours later, they took action.
Green said they called her and promised to send someone out to look at the cabinets Wednesday. She also said they told her they may waive part of her rent and put her up in a hotel while they clean if need be.