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YOU ASK: Handicap towing zone concerns

Posted at 6:55 PM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 22:04:11-04
Brendt Manning couldn't believe his eyes when he saw an unauthorized vehicle towing sign, just below a handicap parking sign.
"Even if you're handicapped, if you don't patronize us we're going to have somebody come and tow your vehicle away, even if you're handicapped you're subject to tow? That's not right," said Manning in response to the sign.
Manning and his wife were going to breakfast at a neighboring restaurant but all the parking spots were filled, including the three handicap spots at  the restaurant.
According to Manning, the closest open spot was a handicap spot at a Del Taco in an adjoining parking lot.
Then he noticed the tow warning. Even though his wife is disabled and has a legal parking placard, he was too afraid to park there.
13 Action News did a little digging and learned the tow away zone is legal.
According to the City of Las Vegas, a private property owner can enforce parking however they see fit, even if it is a handicap parking spot.
We spoke to a manager at the Del Taco, who said no has been towed from there even though people from the nearby restaurant park in the spot.
But restaurant management refused to answer any other questions about the tow away zone.