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Women in Las Vegas turning video games into careers

Posted at 7:06 PM, Mar 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-22 22:18:43-04

With the Luxor opening its new Esports Arena, many gamers around the valley are hoping to get in on the action.

Esports is expected to become a billion dollar industry within the next three years.  And now, more and more women are also breaking into what was once a male-dominated field.

Danielle Richvalsky, who lives in Las Vegas, says she began gaming on her PlayStation 4 as a form of therapy after she was seriously injured when she was hit by a truck.

She regained movement in her hand, and also a new skill.  She now uses a platform called Twitch to play "Call of Duty" and has viewers around the world who pay to watch her play.

"I even have some from Antarctica, and I wondered how they have WiFi there," she says.

She's working to continue building a following under her alias "Electronella." She says once she builds up a large enough following, it's even possible to make the equivalent of a teacher's salary.

She says there are many other female "Call of Duty" gamers using the same platform.  And while some might find it odd to have people watching them, Richvalsky says it's all professional.  

"I sometimes get harassed," she says. "But you have a block button.'

With the new Esports Arena open, she also hopes to team up with other female gamers for competitions.