UPDATE: Man gets French horn back after car burglary

UPDATE MARCH 24: An employee helped get a man his French horn back after a car burglary last weekend.

The victim said in a social media post that it was recovered after two people tried to sell it at a music store.

When the two were told someone reported the horn had been stolen, they ran off and left the instrument behind.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- People near Vegas and Buffalo drives say they were hit by a car burglary spree over the weekend.

"I come out and my glove box is open, the compartment above my glove box is open, and even my sunglass compartment is open," Noelle Kahn said.
Kahn was shocked to come out of her home to find her car ransacked.
"I was still invaded," Kahn said. "They went through everything they could go through."
Kahn says thieves obviously took their time searching, but left empty handed because she doesn't leave anything in her car.
She says after seeing the mess she knows they were hoping for a quick score.
"There is a pawn shop just down the road," Kahn said.
Not all of her neighbors were as lucky.
Crimemapping.com reports show at least four other car burglaries reported that morning in the area.
A man just down the street described finding his car in an almost identical state. He said the thieves made off with a French Horn, iPad and textbooks.
Kahn says she is reaching out to neighbors, hoping they can band together to keep the criminals away.
"We need to watch out for each other because nobody is looking out for us," Kahn said.
While nothing was taken, Kahn is trying to scrape together the money to have her alarm tested since it did not go off during the break-in.
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