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Woman upset thieves stole family heirlooms

Posted at 6:58 PM, Nov 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-25 21:58:57-05
A valley woman said she stored all of her family's most valuable heirlooms in a self-storage unit, but last week, many of those items were stolen.
"Half of the unit was empty, the other half was all ransacked," said Letty, who had been storing her things at the Life
Storage on West Warm Springs for almost a year. "Stuff was open, and stolen, stuff was broken on the ground, all our taxes, all of personal bills."
She said one of the employees at Life Storage called her to let her know someone broke into her unit last Friday. She estimates more than $10,000 of goods were stolen, and said that's not even the worst part.
"There's really no price on it because some of that stuff belonged to my father who just recently passed, so how can you put a price on that?" said Letty.
Letty said she called the Life Storage corporate office, emailed the local manager at the location she was using, and filed a police report with Metro. She said no one from Life Storage got back to her, so we tried to get answers.
We came during business hours to the Warm Springs location. There was someone inside but they locked the doors and did not answer. We also called, emailed, and tweeted at corporate and they didn't get back to us either.
"You always say, 'Oh I can't believe this happened to you' and it does," Letty said.
She emptied the rest of the unit and says she done with self-storage businesses.