UPDATE: Apartment gives woman options for leaky ceiling

UPDATE AUG. 25: 13 Action News went to the front office and Dyanne Butler's apartment complex is giving her three options. They will move her to another vacant apartment; she can break her lease without penalty if she wants to move; or she can stay in her apartment while additional repairs are made.

Butler is happy to finally have some solutions after weeks of rain coming into her apartment.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A woman says rain Friday sent water gushing through her ceiling, making a huge hole.

Dyanne Burtler tells 13 Action News she had to grab four buckets just to catch all of it at the apartment near Torrey Pines Drive and Charleston Boulevard.

In addition, she says this isn't the first time. She says she is worried about her roof collapsing if it happens again.

The apartment complex's office was already closed when 13 Action News tried calling.

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